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PianOrquestra stands out for its originality and quality with an spectacle involving four pianists, a percussionist and a prepared piano. Drumsticks, guitar picks, nylon strings, rubber sandals, metal, wood, fabric and plastic pieces, PianOrquestra explores the infinite possibilities of timbres and sonorities produced by the piano, transforming the instrument into its own orchestra.
PianOrquestra is directed by the renowned pianist Claudio Dauelsberg, who performs with the pianists Marina Spoladore, Priscila Azevedo and Veronica Fernandes, and percussionist Masako Tanaka.
Considered one of the “10 best concerts of the year” by the newspaper O Globo; received the highest score of the 3 Americas to participate in the Classical Next showcase in the Netherlands.
The group has participated in TV shows such as Fantástico, Altas Horas, Faustão, Programa do Jô, Scores, Start (GNT), Instrumental Sesc TV, Jornal O Globo, Canal Curta, among others. They are a constant presence in important stages and national and international music festivals.
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“You have to see and listen to PianOrquestra, than you’ll believe it.”
Calgary Jazz Festival, Canadá

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Tour Dates

Garanhuns, Pernambuco – Brasil

Teatro XP Investimentos – Rio de Janeiro

10/10 | Tallinn, Estonia @ Estonia Concert Hall (Tallinn Intern. Piano Festival)
11/10 | Tartu, Estonia @ Tärtu Vanemuine Concert Hall
12/10 | Pärnu, Estonia @ Pärnu Concert Hall
13/10 | Cesis, Letonia @ Cesis Concert Hall
17/10 | Châlons-en-Champagne, França @ La Comète
26/10 | Hamburgo, Alemanha
27/10 | Papenburg, Alemanha @ Papenburg Kultur
29/10 | Lingen, Alemanha @ Stadt Lingen Ems
04/11 | Lausanne, Suíça @ Theatre de Les Faux-Nez
06/11 | Lisboa, Portugal @ Centro Cultural Belém
07/11 | Coimbra, Portugal 
08/11 | Burgos, Espanha @ Cultural Cordón
12/11 | Porto, Portugal @ Casa da Música
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